Dean 1 day man made snow

Man made snow 1 day

This unique winter offers snow play, skiing, snowboarding and hospitality to all our passengers.Snow-play is fun for the entire family. Build a snowman, ride a toboggan, and throw snowballs all in our purpose built snow play area Man made snow.

Learner ski & snow board 2.30 hours

Toboggan-snow play

Toboggan package


fare per person (AUD) incl. GST

Returns luxury coach transfers to/from Dean Resort - Sydney

Toboggan Fun Park Entry Fee 2.30 hrs

Extra : Fun Pack Toboggan

snow learner-package


fare per person (AUD) incl. GST

Returns luxury coach transfers to/from Dean Resort - Sydney

Equipment ski or Snow board + Lesson 2.30 Hrs.

City pickup ?

City Fri : 07:30 am
395 Pitt Street -Avis World Sq.
Drop off Sun : 10:00 pm

No show no refunds

Pick up?

Strathfield Fri : 8:00 am
Train Station
Eventon Road Bus stand D

Drop off Sun : 9:30 pm

No show no refunds

Pick up?

Cabramatta Inn hotet
Fri : 9:00 am
No show no refunds

Drop off Sun: 9:00 pm

The Roast Marshmallow

The Roast Marshmallow
one famous!!

History of Marshmallows. Ancient Egyptians were the first to enjoy a gooey treat now called marshmallow as early as 2000 BC.

Have you did it before?

Ski Equip.?

Extra pay or bring your own equipment from home


No meals

Every Sat?

Jul : Sat 6,13,20,27

Aug: Sat 3,10,17,24

Ski package incl.

Equipment ski package incl.

Snow board incl.

Equipment snow package incl.

Toboggan Hire

Extra pay for equipment

Ski 1 Day : Sat  Sydney-Canberra

  • 07:30 pm Boarding at Avis Car Hire-395 Pitt Street.
  • 08:00 pm Boarding at Strathfield Bus Stand D
  • 09:00 pm Boarding at Cabramatta Inn hotel

  Resting on the coach.

Ski 1 Day : Canberra

  • Morning Tea stop own expense.
  • Lunch own expense at Mc. Donald.
  • Dean Snow Resort Learner level.
  • Enjoy snow play or Toboggan 2.30 hrs.
  • Ski hire equipment incl.- Ski package.
  • Snow board equipment incl.- Snow board package
  • Learner ski & snow board 2.30 hrs.
  • After dinner tonight short stop at Mc. Donald.
  • Drop off
  • 20:30 pm Cabramatta Inn hotel.
  • 21:15 pm Strathfield train  station bus stand D
  •  22:00 pm City 395 Avis Car Hire.

Bus Toilet?

APSE tours inspection selected the best coach for travel long distance special for toilet on board. 

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